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Swimming Pool

o     Rules:
* No glass containers in or around pool area.
* No pets allowed in or around pool area.
* No cooking appliances in or around pool area.
* Non-potty trained children must wear swim diapers and tight fitting watertight rubber pants at all times when in the pool.
* No diving or jumping into pool.
* Swimming when no lifeguard on duty is at your own risk.
* No throwing of any objects in or around pool area.
* No one under14 years old allowed in pool without adult supervision.
* No one with cuts or open sores is allowed in pool.
* No spitting or blowing in pool.
* Person with communicable disease should not enter pool.
* Persons with skin, eye, or nasal infection should not enter pool.
* Radios shall be maintained at a level of volume which does not disturb others.
* No solo swimming is permitted.
* No eating or drinking in pool.
* No running or rough play permitted.
* No removing pool furniture from pool area deck.
* A first aid kit is located in pump house room
* An emergency phone and information sheet is located on the rear wall of the clubhouse.
* No Smoking.

Important Information

Location: Main entrance of subdivision

Hours: Pool hours are 10 am to 10 pm

Opens: May 22 2017

Closes: Sept 5 2017

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